ForChange Code: Online Sandbox Coding & Learning Platform
Preview / Demo
A new concept of online coding developed by ForChange.

Teanoe: Smart Homework Platform
Preview / Manual / Demo
An AI-based homework and mistake management system for K12 schools.

Incident Management System for Forest Fire
Preview / Demo 1 / Demo 2
An AI-based system for fire detection and incident management.

Ticket House Management System
Preview / Demo 1 / Demo 2
A fine-grained ticket management system for tourism industry.

Avatar: Analytics of Vast Amount of Trajectories and Roads
Preview / Demo 1 / Demo 2
A trajectory management system for map-matching, spatial-temporal analytics, etc.

Slock: Locksmith Management System
A locksmith management system designed for local police and locksmith companies.

SmartCube: Smart CRM Platform
Preview / Demo
An AI-based CRM platform providing client analytics and promotion recommendations.

uTrip: Smart Travel Planner & Location-based Social Platform
Demo 1 / Demo 2 / Demo 3 / Demo 4 / Demo 5
A smart travel planner based on machine-learning methods with location-based social services.

Deepella: HR Leave Management System
Preview / Code
A special leave management system for small companies.


NFT Sales Platform
Preview / Demo 1 / Demo 2 / Demo 3
An app which sells NFTs to the public.

BDS: Blockchain Distribution System
Preview / Demo
A standalone consortium blockchain system.

AllGames: One-step Tokenization and Distribution Platform for All Games
Preview / Manual 1 / Manual 2
A blockchain-based platform for game asset tokenization and trading.

Artificial Intelligence

TUTU: NLP Chat App
Preview / Demo
A simple chat app based on GPT-3.

Well-net OCR
An OCR module for Japanese invoice recognition.

Big Data

ForChange Data Centre
Preview / Manual
Data management centre for internal use in ForChange.

Deepfox: Big Data & AI Platform
Preview / Demo 1 / Demo 2 / Manual
An AI-enhanced big data management platform.

Nut: Heterogeneous Computing Platform
Preview / Demo / Code
A heterogeneous computing platform with mixed CPU / GPU / MIC compiling and processing.


uPayPal: Integrated Payment & Clearance Platform
Preview / Demo
An integrated payment and clearance platform tailored for tourism industry.

TokenPay: Cryptocurrency Payment System
Preview / Demo 1 / Demo 2
An online payment system which takes cryptocurrencies from clients and transfers fiat currencies to merchants.

ForTrader: Online Quant Trading & Learning Platform
Preview / Manual / Commercial 1 / Commercial 2 / Demo
Online quant trading and learning platform.

Dr. Quant: Algorithm Trading Platform
Demo / Manual
An AI-based quantitative research platform, where analysts could train bots instead of manually write algorithms.

MDS: Integrated Meta Data Service for Cryptocurrencies
Demo 1 / Demo 2
Integrated real-time ticking service across crytocurrency exchanges for hedging and algorithm trading.


CAS: Central Authentication System
Preview / Demo
A blockchain-based central authentication system (IDaaS).

Reactor: Remote Scripts Manager
Preview / Demo / Code
A file management system which executes shell scripts.

Deepfile: Node.js File Host
Preview / Demo / Code
A simple file server for uploading and downloading files.